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United States flag Tucson to Vancouver 1 May ‑ 31 Aug 2024 Touring, not racing
Live Greece flag Hellenic Mountain Race 2024 25 May ‑ 3 Jun 2024 The Hellenic Mountain Race is a fixed route, unsupported, single-stage cycling race through the mountains of Greece. The clock does not stop and there are no prizes. It follows a mix of gravel roads, stone pathways and tarmac.
Live New Zealand flag Coast to Coast demo 31 May ‑ 1 Jun 2024 An example page to show how MAProgress works in real-time. Also demonstrates multiple marker colors, pre-defined route, time splits, predicted mode etc. Locations are randomly generated using a 5-minute tracking interval.
Live Japan flag Operatunity Japan 20 May ‑ 7 Jun 2024
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Slovenia flag Trans Balkan Race 2024 31 May ‑ 10 Jun 2024 - live in 11 hours 54 minutes The Trans Balkan Race is the ultimate off-road unsupported bikepacking race across the Balkans - Slovenia to Montenegro.
Mongolia flag Mongolian Miles for a Cure 10‑25 Jun 2024 - live in 10 days Venture on an Epic Journey: "Mongolian Miles for a Cure"1000km Bike-Packing Challenge! See for details and registration.
South Africa flag Burra 500 - 2024 14‑16 Jun 2024 - live in 14 days Register
Australia flag Winter Solstice 300 2024 15‑19 Jun 2024 - live in 15 days Register This bike packing route runs along the shipwreck coast and into the incredible Otway National Park, dropping down into the coastal town of Lorne before climbing back up into the Otways then the final stretch of fast, flat gravel into Geelong.
United States flag Air Race Classic 2024 18‑21 Jun 2024 - live in 18 days The Air Race Classic is an annual transcontinental air race for female pilots.
United States flag San Juan Solstice 50-2024 22 Jun 2024 - live in 22 days
Australia flag Race to the Rock 2024 6 Jul ‑ 31 Aug 2024 - live in 36 days Register Race to the Rock is a solo, unsupported bike race from Brisbane to Yulara
Australia flag the Top End Savannah Tour 17 Aug ‑ 12 Oct 2024 - live in 78 days Register A single stage ultra bicycle ride from Darwin to Cairns.
Australia flag Mid West Grinder 2024 1‑10 Sep 2024 - live in 93 days Register An unsupported multi-terrain bikepacking ride from Kalbarri to Walyalup (Fremantle) via Jambinu (Geraldton) in WA, Aus. Long Course: 1152km Short Course: 287km. Grand Depart: 6.30am, 1.09.2024 @mid_west_grinder
Australia flag Hunt 1000 - 2024 22 Nov ‑ 2 Dec 2024 - live in 174 days Register Melbourne to Canberra MTB bikepacking, ~1000km, self supported, mostly off road, through the Australian Alps. Various start times
New Zealand flag Tour Aotearoa 2025 16 Feb ‑ 29 Apr 2025 - live in 260 days Register
New Zealand flag Sounds 2 Sounds 2025 3 Mar ‑ 29 Apr 2025 - live in 276 days Register
Australia flag Canning Stock Route, WA 8 Jun ‑ 7 Jul 2024 - live in 8 days A solo, unsupported Fat Bike adventure up the worlds longest public track. 1800km South to North, traversing 4 deserts (719,000km2), 1200 sand dunes.
Australia flag Granite Grovel - 2024 18‑30 May 2024 Granite Grovel 660
South Africa flag Karoo Meander 2024 17‑26 May 2024
Australia flag Bunbury Pancake 600 2024 25‑26 May 2024
Australia flag Ride to Give 2024 19‑21 May 2024
Spain flag Kromvojoj 2024 11‑19 May 2024 One Route, Many Ways 13th of may 2023 Reus - Spain / 1.400 km 24.000m+
South Africa flag Freedom Circuit 2024 6‑15 May 2024 200km / 400km / 700km Semi-supported bikepacking race through the Drakensberg Mountains incorporating lots of the Freedom Trail (2150km trail across South Africa)
Australia flag Irrational S.O.U.T.H. 2024 8‑12 May 2024 The Adelaide hills are just too irresistible to evade.
Australia flag Fat Rabbit 500 2024 27 Apr ‑ 6 May 2024 Get hopping Rabbitses.... need a challenge? 500Ks with over 4000m of elevation - do you think you might be able to ride in one go.... or not!! See our Facebook page for more info - Ultra Cycling Western Australia
United States flag Tour de Los Padres 2024 19 Apr ‑ 5 May 2024
Australia flag Indian Pacific Wheel Ride 2024 16 Mar ‑ 1 May 2024 Indian Pacific Wheel Ride is a Solo - Unsupported - Sealed - One Stage 5,500 km Road Cycle Ride from Fremantle to Sydney Opera House. #ipwr #mikehall
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